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Yamaha YDX Moro Pro Review

Yamaha offers a capable all-mountain eMTB in the YDX-MORO Pro.


Yamaha Ebikes grows its US pedal-assist bike line with the addition of the YDX Moro Pro, an up-spec full-suspension all-mountain e-bike that’s designed to tackle a variety of terrain. This new model allows both new and more experienced cyclists to explore Mother Nature with a unique dirt experience only Yamaha  can offer.

The YDX-MORO Pro is positioned as a premium 27.5-inch-wheel electric mountain bike splitting the difference between the modern cross-country and enduro segments. It boasts higher-end componentry (tires, suspension, 11-speed shifter, and more powerful rear brake caliper) compared with the less expensive (by $1,000) base YDX-MORO. Both bikes offer 160 and 150 millimeters of suspension travel fore and aft, respectively.

Weighing about 53 pounds (size medium), the class 1 YDX-MORO Pro offers five assist modes and can be operated manually, without power, if the rider really wants to sweat. The motor provides immediate support up to 20 mph, delivering 80Nm of maximum torque. A removable 500Wh battery is integrated into the aluminum frame’s dual downtubes and can be fully charged via standard household plug


The frame is designed in Japan and manufactured in Taiwan and powertrains are designed and manufactured in Japan. The YDX-MORO Pro is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and carries a three-year limited warranty.

How Does the Yamaha YDX-MORO Pro Ride?

With a friendly demeanor and wide array of settings, the YDX-MORO Pro is a lovable all-arounder that’s appreciated by novices and more battle-hardened mountain bikers alike. Ergonomically, it is well proportioned and we appreciate its larger feel in comparison with its cramped cousin, the hardtail YDX-TORC (as compared in size large).

Of course the rider has the option to tweak the saddle, handlebar, and brake lever positions based on preference. Speaking of the saddle, a cable-actuated dropper post allows 125 millimeters of infinite adjustment (on small and medium frame sizes; 150 millimeters on size large).

The YDX-MORO Pro pedals well and shifts smoothly between each of its 11 cogs. The upgraded PW-X2 motor is far quieter than its predecessor. There’s still a hint of powertrain whine, but we wouldn’t deem it excessive. Power mode settings and trip information are manipulated via a thumb-mounted controller. The interface is fairly intuitive, but the square backlit LCD monitor could be larger. The display includes trip information, cadence, speed, and remaining battery capacity.

Each power mode is ideal for a given ride situation. Riding with fit folks on manual bikes? Use the Eco setting. Need more oomph? Power up to the STD (Standard) or High modes. Need maximum boost? Engage the EXPW (Extra Power mode) or MTB settings. There’s also an Automatic mode that automatically selects among Eco, STD, and High based on pedal demand, lean, and incline.

Of all the modes, the newly developed MTB setting was our favorite, offering more accurate and linear-feeling assist when the pedals are pressed. This makes it easier to negotiate steep and curvy singletrack climbs where delicate power application is a must, as this mode helps mitigate wheelspin and/or power wheelies.

Four-piston Magura hydraulic disc brakes with 203mm rotors keep speed in check. The brakes offer pleasing bite and lever modulation, though it’s worth noting that the brake system could benefit from bleed service after initial break-in rides as the lever feel does get a tad spongy.

Both the RockShox Yari RC fork and RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock offer air adjustment via a Schrader valve. The suspension includes rebound damping adjustment, and the shock body has a semi-lockout lever for climbing and those who desire slower action. The fork has a similar setting, though with a lesser degree of lockout, via a dial atop the right fork leg.

How Much Does the Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro Cost?

At $5,499 MSRP, the YDX-MORO Pro is a steal in the pedal-assist mountain bike class. With its friendly handling manners and wide range of power settings, Yamaha’s latest ebike is a solid option for cyclists looking to get out of town and kick up roost on the trail. Factor in a three-year warranty and Yamaha’s legendary build quality, and having a YDX-MORO Pro hanging in the garage is a logical choice for avid mountain bikers.

cyclevolta.com 2/2/2021

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